Memories from Glastonbury 2014

July 7, 2014

It was amazing, we sang, we danced, we played in the water and the mud. Listened to some of our favourites bands and in general we suck up all the creative and colourful stuff that Glastonbury has to offer. We are back, full of ideas and ready to keep rocking the wedding season we are into at the moment.

We stitched a little video, literally just organised some footage we captured in a GoPro camera and put it together. Not the most technical clip but for us is like a little treasure to look back on.

If you have never been to Glastonbury, you should! ┬áIt’s the most surreal place you can find yourself. Much more than some music acts and mud. We will attempt to go back next year, depending on the ticket luck.

Good times!

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