We Heart Glastonbury | Living the life!

June 18, 2014

The last few weeks apart from being busy with wedding loveliness we have been planning our return to Glastonbury Festival. We got lucky and managed to get tickets,  Yay! (last festival this wasn’t the case , Sad face).

Again we are staying offsite at Worthy View which has a pre-erected tent waiting for us, showers, toilets and the whole shabang! Bit of glamping, helps. This is Charlie’s 7th Glasto and the 4th for Hector, This time we are coming with our little girl Olive. The whole thing will be a different vibe we guess, But we are on another vibe already since she came into our lives. So its all good! and R.E.A.L.L.Y looking forward to it!

Since the Festival kicks off in just over a week we are bringing good memories from our last Glasto in 2011.  This one is going to be epic! Good times! Lets Balter!

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I didn’t manage to get tickets this year, so I’m very jealous and a bit sad. i still can’t quite believe I’m not going.

So very excited! Yippee……getting my sunshine on!