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September 15, 2014

London Southbank Engagement Shoot

Look at This! A really cool and colourful engagement shoot along the Southbank. We met with Brittany and David at the Southbank on a typical London day, overcast and a bit wet. Fortunately the coloured backdrops and their love made the perfect blend to make lovely images. This was shot just a few days before their wedding which took place in Isle of Skye, beautiful, magical with stunning landscapes. Soon will be sharing some of those. It was epic!! Here some of the images from their e-shoot.

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London Alternative Wedding Photography | Brittany+David Eshoot-weheartpictures-0028
Brittany+David Eshoot-weheartpictures-0003
Brittany+David Eshoot-weheartpictures-0058
Brittany+David Eshoot-weheartpictures-0007
Brittany+David Eshoot-weheartpictures-0024
London Alternative Wedding Photography | Brittany+David Eshoot-weheartpictures-0011
Brittany+David Eshoot-weheartpictures-0009
Festival of Love, London engagement shoot, London Alternative Wedding Photography
Brittany+David Eshoot-weheartpictures-0027
London Alternative Wedding Photography, Street Art, Southbank, Brittany+David Eshoot-weheartpictures-0036
Brittany+David Eshoot-weheartpictures-0013
London Alternative Wedding Photography, Red Walls couple leaning, Brittany+David Eshoot-weheartpictures-0038
London Alternative Wedding Photography, Southbank, Yellow stairs and walls, Brittany+David Eshoot-weheartpictures-0048
Brittany+David Eshoot-weheartpictures-0050
Brittany+David Eshoot-weheartpictures-0044

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Beautiful pictures!

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful couple 🙂